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Getting your life’s affairs in order doesn’t need to be grim. The Bottom Drawer eBook is a modern, colourful After Death Action Plan and funeral planning tool, helping you prepare for the inevitable with quirky but practical tips and information.

You’ll need a pen and a notepad because The Bottom Drawer eBook encourages you to write down your responses to a series of questions and actions. Your answers will become a memento of you and what’s important in your life, written in your handwriting, your doodling, your wit, your ideas, and your life’s reflections.

Written by Australian journalist Lisa Joy Herbert and illustrated by Phil Judd, this eBook guides you through things to consider with humour and levity, like: Traditional, religious funeral or celebration of life? Hymns or pop songs? Cremation, burial, or compost? A champagne wake or cordial and cake?

The contents of its 64 pages include types of burial, cremation, emerging technology, living wills, organ donation, the digital afterlife, social media, embalming, coffins and caskets, donating your body to science, themed funerals and their soundtrack, what to wear, the eulogy and the funeral itself, and lots more, plus some bad puns and dad jokes. There is also lots of room for personal reflection, giving your loved ones the opportunity to grieve and celebrate the real you and your honest story – knowing it’s just what you would have wanted.

This is the second eBook edition and reflects the fourth edition of the paperback version.

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