Getting your affairs in order doesn’t need to be grim

The Bottom Drawer Book is your modern after death action plan, helping you prepare for the inevitable with quirky but practical tips.

This informative workbook guides you through things to consider with humour and levity, like: religious funeral or celebration of life? Hymns or pop songs? Cremation, burial or composting? A champagne wake or cordial and cake?

Now in its third edition and written by Aussie journalist Lisa Herbert, The Bottom Drawer Book takes a refreshing perspective on mortality and the ways we can say goodbye.

Your cheery after death action plan

The Bottom Drawer Book helps you make note of your plans, ideas and life’s reflections, with handy worksheets that contain lots of practical information.

Covering things like how much to spend on your casket, what beer will be served at the wake, and which outfit you’ll be buried in, your wishes will sit quietly in the pages of The Bottom Drawer Book, ready to make things easier for your loved ones when the time comes.

The Bottom Drawer Book: The After Death Action Plan


The Bottom Drawer eBook: The After Death Action Plan


A quirky yet practical look at the inevitable

Written by journalist Lisa Joy Herbert and illustrated by Phil Judd, The Bottom Drawer Book is here to help answer your funeral planning questions and will allow your loved ones to grieve and celebrate the real you, knowing everything is just how you would have wanted it.

It’s your own personal guide for things like different types of burial, cremation, living wills, the digital afterlife, coffins and caskets, donating your body to science, themed funerals and their soundtrack, what to wear, the eulogy and the funeral itself, and even some bad puns and dad jokes.

Your responses to the questions and tasks in the book will become a memento of what’s important in your life – written in your handwriting, with your doodles, your humour, your ideas, and your personal reflections.


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