"It was so strange that when you appeared on TV. I was in the process of trying to write some sort of "instructions" in a notebook, and not

doing a very good job of explaining what I wanted, and had no idea how I was going to get my husband to write anything at all.  You solved the problem right away and I put down the pen and went to the computer to order.”


“Our 22 year old son is dying and while we have generally discussed his wishes, this book will make things easier. I have ordered 4 books for all the family so we can all sit down and fill in our books together so that our beautifully amazing son won’t be the only one making the hard decisions and we can make it light hearted and fun. Thank you for making a difficult discussion so much easier.”


“I come from a family who discussed death as part of life and it is rare today. People freak out and think it is morbid. I am so pleased you are changing people’s thinking. Loved the idea of a cardboard coffin with pictures of loved ones on it. Must look into this. “

“Such a joy to read and have on hand.”


“Received our books today...they are fantastic, things in there that I wouldn't have thought of.”


“I saw your segment on TV and was really impressed with your attitude, energy and commitment. These books are for my mum and dad, both in their 80"s. I spoke to them and they thought it was a great idea.”


“I just lost my young sister, she went to bed and didn't wake up!  I am the Executor of her Will and I think every person should have a copy of your book as it would be so much easier to organise everything.  I am buying them one for myself and some friends.  I hope people see your book because of what I have experienced under such sad circumstances wanting to select the best for them in the way of music, photos etc.”


“Just the thing I needed.”


“Your book will be a great help for me as I do have a lot written down of what I would like done at my funeral but its only on pieces of paper in the drawer with other papers.”



Checklist before dying

Janine Fitzpatrick’s blog ‘Shambolic Living’




The Tamworth Regional U3A newsletter

A very good attendance once again for the Short Talk on 19 March with 50+ Members and guests.


Lisa Herbert, the presenter and author of "The Bottom Drawer Book - the after death action plan."


The basis of her talk, described in a delightful fashion the step by step process one should under-take when contemplating our mortality.


She posed several questions such as "Will your friends and family have any questions, and will you have left anything unsaid?" The farewell - what kind of funeral do you want? “The sound-track of your life - which songs or hymns would you like played at your farewell?"


Lisa's enthusiastic talk raised many questions from the audience and certainly gave all "something to seriously think about"