The Bottom Drawer Book Front Cover

The Bottom Drawer Book is an after death action plan. Your ideas, funeral plans, and your life’s reflections will sit quietly in its pages until they’re needed. Then, when your time comes, there’ll be no family squabbling over how much to spend on your casket, who gets your ashes, what beer will be served at the wake, or which footy jumper you’ll be buried in.


It’s a workbook that contains lots of practical information. Its brightly coloured illustrations and humorous text encourage thought and understanding of a topic that doesn’t have to be dark or confronting.


Sure, your loved ones will be sad when you pass away but putting a few things in order can make it easier for them while they’re grieving.


The book answers questions like:


Are GPS coordinates really the only way family members can find you if you’re buried in a natural burial ground?


What is the most common object put into coffins by loved ones?


What happens to your emails or your Facebook account when you die?


The Bottom Drawer Book will be a work in progress because your wishes will evolve and change over time. You’ll smudge food on it, you’ll procrastinate, and you’ll doodle – and that’s ok. It’s your Book after all.